Hrithik And Kareena – Down The Memory Lane

Hrithik Roshan and Kareena Kapoor did only 4 films together [Yaadein (2001), Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham (2001), Mujhse Dosti Karoge!(2002), Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon (2003)] and they were considered the hottest property in the tinsel town right from the first film. Though directors failed their pairing with bad script and direction, their chemistry was something which was difficult to overlook. We have seen such a chemistry in Shahrukh- Kajol or Amitabh-Rekha before. Hrithik and Kareena complement each other with looks, height and a chemistry which is so difficult to ignore. Their comfort level is there for everyone to marvel at.

No official confirmation on what went wrong between Hrithik and Kareena for them to stop working one fine morning. Rumors suggest that Hrithik and Kareena had been drawn to each other during the making of Yaadein (that’s before his marriage to Suzanne, though she had been his girl friend even before that) and this affair saw everyone see red including his family and wife. Well, we don’t know the truth behind this story, only that we are extremely sad that this pair is no longer seen together on-onscreen.

Anyhow, what is the reason for the sudden interest in this pair after a long time? Reportedly, Imtiaz Ali (director of Kareena’s another super hit – Jab We Met) wants to make his next movie with Hrithik and Kareena, and Sajid Nadiadwala is at the helm of production. Yes, this news surfaced few days ago to everyone’s surprise; however, no one has confirmed this news and it’s been said to be yet another false alarm.

If we ever have prayed so much for false news to be true, it must have been this. So much so that Hrithik’s wife Suzanne went on to say on Koffee With Karan that Hrithik looked the best with Kareena and Barbara Mori. Don’t you miss this amazing pair on screen? Well, in the meantime, we can go down the memory lane to witness one of the finest chemistry we have seen in the last decade. Voila, Hrithik & Kareena.

hrithik and kareena

Well, look at the intensity in their close embrace, both look lost in each other’s arms and love is in the air… look at Kareena’s intensly romantic face and Hrithik’s boyishness.

it’s rather cute to see him sleeping and Kareena gazing at him with half-naughty, half-surprised expression… shenanigan to the core, she just realized that…

Poo was meant to be over-the-top, brattish and funny… and Rohan was her perfect foil..

One such beautiful moment from Yaadein.. do they even worry about the rest of the world? look, their eyes seem to be lost in each other’s..

Lovers are having a moment where they are completely lost in a beautiful feeling and at the same time quite comfortable & relaxed in each other’s presence… Look at the way Kareena keeps her hands, it’s sensous and at the same time there is this sense of lost-in-the-soul … classic pose

A very romantic moment… they are on the verge of a kiss, and she’s submissive to his presence… beautiful…

More than romantic, it’s a very special sensous moment between the lovers…

Look at the chemistry, as they are not afraid of looking deep into each other’s eyes, and the comfort is there for the whole world to see…

It’s fun time and they are having a honest laugh… yet there is sensuality and desire… classic!

Romance at its peak!! Look at Kareena’s face, there is glow, there is pain, there is heightened happiness, there is this melting expression… Her closed eyes and lips tell a thousand stories, reason? An extremely intense looking Hrithik next to her, both are lost in that moment… forever..

Hrithik has never looked that handsome with another heroine and Kareena never looked that beautiful with another hero… Then what’s stopping them from unleashing that magic on screen? When can we see this magic pair on screen again?