Commando (2013) Hindi Movie Trailer Ft. Vidyut Jamwal & Pooja Chopra

Commando is a 2013 action film starring Vidyut Jamwal and Pooja Chopra and directed by Dilip Ghosh. The director-producer Vipul Amrutlal Shah, who produced successful action movies like ‘Force’ & ‘Singham’ recently, has produced Commando after seeing Vidyut Jamwal’s potential as an action star in John Abraham starer ‘Force’. Vidyut Jamwal is trained in many martial arts forms (including Kalaripayatu) and he performed dare-devil stunts without dupe in Force. The actor even went on to give a demo of his live-action to the media during the promotion of ‘Force’. That’s what prompted Vipul Shah to put his money on him.

Commando is set in North and it tells the story of a commando who protects a girl on the run (Pooja Chopra). As you can see in the trailer below, Vidyut Jamwal has done amazing stunts in the movie, all by himself. Franz Spilhaus has choreographed the breathtaking stunts in the movie.

Commando promises to be a feast for the action lovers out there. You will be pleased to know that they canned the action scenes without the help of cables or dupes! Take a look at the interesting trailer of Commando featuring Vidyut Jamwal & Pooja Chopra.

Commando 2013  movie still ft. Vidyut Jamwal & Pooja Chopra

Commando 2013 movie still ft. Vidyut Jamwal & Pooja Chopra