Box Office: The Dirty Picture Collects 20 Crores Nett In 2 Days!

Vidya Balan

Sending shock waves across, The Dirty Picture, a relatively small film on a south Indian sex siren, collected more than 20 Crores in 2 days at the box office! The movie was out-and-out heroine centric film and such movies normally underperform at the box office. But The Dirty Picture has proved everyone wrong – all thanks to its right entertainment quotient. Vidya Balan is getting rave reviews and the actress in seventh heaven listening to all the praise coming her way from all quarters. Notably, many went on to call her “the only hero among the heroines in Bollywood.”


The movie was fantastic in single screens, all thanks to the strong buzz, one liners and Vidya Balan’s sensual act. On Friday it collected 9.54 crores and on Saturday the movie fetched 10.78 crores. Industry veterans predict 11 crores for Sunday and that will help the movie to touch 30 crores weekend figure.

Also since the movie and Vidya Balan are the hot topics everywhere, it may fetch very good 7 days total!