Annual Poll: Most Desirable Bollywood Actor Of 2015?

It’s the time of the year to find the ‘Most Desirable Bollywood Actor‘. We have been running this annual poll since 2011 and it is the 5th anniversary of the poll. Shahrukh Khan won the poll twice (in 2011 & 2012) and Salman Khan (2014), Shahid Kapoor (in 2013) won it once. Who will win the poll in 2015?

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Poll: Who Is The Best Actress of Bollywood In 2014?

Compared to male actors, 2014 was a great year for female actors as far as performance oriented roles are concerned. We had an array of noteworthy performances in 2014. Both young and veteran actresses have found a place on the list. Veteran actresses like Madhuri Dixit and Tabu gave stellar performances in 2014. It looks like Bollywood is finally waking up to the female power. The good thing is that many of the female centric movies did very good business at the box office including Kangna Ranaut’s Queen, Priyanka Chopra’s Mary Kom, Aalia Bhatt’s Highway & Rani Mukherjee’s Mardaani. These movies proved that, if the movie is well made, actresses can shoulder a movie.

Who is the best actress of 2014

Who is the best actress of 2014

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Poll: Who Is The Best Bollywood Actor Of 2014?

2014 was a disappointing year when it comes to great performances from male leads. After a long search, we could come up with only 5 nominees (that isn’t the case of actresses, as we have handful of good performances from female actors this year). Ranbir Kapoor used to be a front runner as far as performances are concerned. Sadly, he didn’t have a solo release in 2014. Hrithik Roshan had only one release and it was an out and out commercial film which required heavy duty acting! Same goes for Shahrukh Khan who gave a rehashed performance in Happy New Year. Salman Khan’s Kick & Jai Ho were hardly performance oriented films. Same goes for Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn. In short, it was such a dry year as far as good performances from male actors were concerned.

Take a look at the nominees below and vote for the best. The poll lasts for 10 days and you can vote till 10th Jan, 2015 08:00 PM IST.

Best actor of 2014

Best actor of 2014

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Poll: Which Is The Most Awaited Bollywood Movie Of 2015?

We already conducted this poll in July this year. However, so many new movies have come in to the picture and some of those movies are out of the picture. So, we have a fresh list for 2015. Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan have releases this year. Aamir Khan and Hrithik Roshan have no release this year. Young stars like Ranbir Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor, Ranveer Singh, Arjun Kapoor etc. have releases this year.

Let’s find out the most awaited Bollywood movie in 2015. Poll runs for 10 days and you can vote till 3rd January, 2015 08:00 PM IST.

Most Awaited Release Of 2015

Most Awaited Release Of 2015

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Poll: Who Is The New King Of Bollywood?

Finally, after 10 days of intense voting which saw close to 1 lakh votes coming in, we have our winner for the annual ‘Who is the new king of Bollywood’ poll!

It’s none other than Shahrukh Khan! He defeated Salman Khan (who was leading in the interim) for less than 1% votes (for 832 votes!). It was one of the biggest polls on our website and we saw maximum number of voters this year. Both Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan managed to collect more than 41, 000 votes each! In that regard, both are kings of Bollywood! Yet, we have a winner and that’s King Khan himself!

Shahrukh Khan - King of Bollywood!

Shahrukh Khan – King of Bollywood!

Shahrukh Khan won the title for the 3rd consecutive year! He won the poll in 2012 and 2013 with 65% and 57% votes respectively. This year he won with 46% votes, a clear indication that Salman Khan is giving tough competition to Shahrukh Khan and that Shahrukh Khan needs to be careful with his throne! He could be dethroned anytime if the voting percentage trend is anything to go by!

Well, we’ll find that out next year around the same time.

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Poll: Which Movie Will Be The Biggest Hit Of 2014?

2014 saw number of hit movies. However, we haven’ seen a blockbuster yet. We all expected Salman Khan’s Jai Ho to be the blockbuster of the year but the movie disappointed viewers with its box office performance. Though it is the biggest grosser yet, it has collected only 116 crores nett in India, whereas few of the top 5 ‘all time grossers’ are in the 200 crore club already. So, it was a much disappointing performance.

The 100 crore movies of the year are: Jai Ho, Holiday & 2 States. (Jai Ho & Holiday crossed 110 crore mark whereas 2 States just crossed 100 crore mark)

Which will be the biggest hit movie of 2014?

Which will be the biggest hit movie of 2014?

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Poll: Most Desirable Bollywood Actress Of 2014

We’ve finally come to the end of 12 days long annual most desirable actress 2014 poll. And for the first time, Kareena Kapoor has won the poll with 26% votes! Madhuri Dixit won the poll in 2011. We didn’t run the poll in 2012. As for 2013, Rani Mukherjee won the poll with 32% votes! In fact, it’s Kareena Kapoor’s first win on our portal!

Huge congrats to Kareena Kapoor! She is indeed most desirable – as we all know she is a rare combination of beauty and talent.

Rani Mukherjee gave a tough fight as she fetched 20% votes!

We congratulate all the actresses who made it in to the top 10 list! And we will come back with the annual poll next year around this time!

winner 01

winner 03

Poll: Most Desirable Bollywood Actor Of 2014

Salman Khan is voted as the most desirable Bollywood actor of 2014 with 32% votes – congrats! Shahrukh Khan has given a tough fight as he was leading the poll right from day 1 until the last day. But in the final lap Salman Khan overtook 2 time champion Shahrukh and emerged as the winner for the first time in the most desirable poll. Shahrukh Khan collected 30% votes!

Most Desirable Poll Winners

Most Desirable Poll Winners

Salman Khan, the eternal bachelor of Bollywood is known for his golden heart and humor sense. No need to add that he is a handsome. He’s got a good body as well. These qualities may have influenced the voters to vote for him! Salman Khan is the undisputed king of Indian box office as he has given 6 100 crore hits in a row since 2010.

This is Salman’s 2nd only win on after winning ‘Sexiest Bachelor’ title in 2011. Salman Khan was in 3rd place last year. Last year’s winner Shahid Kapoor had to be satisfied with 16% votes! Better luck next time Shahid!

Hrithik Roshan (4th) and Aamir Khan (5th) made it in to the top 5. In the top 10 we also have Sidharth Malhotra(6th), John Abraham(7th), Ajay Devgn(8th), Ranbir Kapoor(9th) & Vidyut Jamwal(10th). Congrats to all!

Here are the remaining winners (full list)

Poll: Who Is The Star Of The Year 2013 (Female)?

Finally after 6 days of voting, Deepika Padukone is voted as the Star Of The Year 2013 (female). Katrina Kaif gave a tough fight as she lost the poll for less than 50 votes which is a rare phenomenon on our website! In fact, Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone were on the number 1 position several times on the last day of the poll indicating a very tough competition. Better luck next time Katrina Kaif fans!

Coming to our winner Deepika Padukone, she truly deserved this title as she had 4 back to back 100 crore hits in 2013 including Race 2, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, Chennai Express and Ramleela Goliyon Ka Raslaala. She was also appreciated for her performances in these movies. These 4 movies grossed more than 500 crores in Indian box office and that is a very tough record to break! So, after a very rewarding year professionally, Deepika Padukone takes our star of the year 2013 female title as well!