Poll-11: Who Is The Sexiest Bachelor Of Bollywood?

Guys!! We have come to the end of the 15 days long poll to find out the sexiest bachelor of Bollywood in 2011. It’s the 11th poll in the series and we thank all the fans for making this poll a grand success. After an intense voting session, we have our winners and take a look at the top 5 sexiest bachelors list.


5)Ranveer Singh (1% votes)

The sexiest avatars of Ranveer Singh!

Ranveer Singh is fast becoming one of the hottest young stars in B-town. His talent is his trump card and it’s very clear that he is going to enjoy a long innings in the industry. He is only one film old, yet he is seen at all the major events, parties & chat shows in Bollywood. Ranveer’s second movie, Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl, is all set to arrive on next Friday and the promos have been interesting – after all, Yashraj is at the helm! He plays the role of a conman-cum-casanova in the movie and the role is safe in the abler hands of Ranveer! We are looking forward to the movie!

Five things which make Ranveer sexy? A hot body, enviable acting potential, entertaining persona, unconventional looks and long hair!!

4)Ranbir Kapoor (3% votes)

The sexiest avatars of Ranbir Kapoor!

Ranbir Kapoor, the quintessential heart-breaker of Bollywood, received 3% votes and managed to find a place on the top 5. At the moment, he is enjoying a career-high in the form of Imtiaz Ali’s Rockstar – which brought him truckloads of accolades. He dated some of the most beautiful and desirable actresses of today’s time and he’s been envied for the same. With a powerhouse talent, he is destined to go a long way in Bollywood. He is young and attractive and that should make him one of the sexiest bachelors in B-Town. With 3% votes he is 3rd on the list.

Five things which make Ranbir Sexy? mysterious aura, cool/calm demeanor, lean-n-mean physique, gentle personality and fierce determination.

3)John Abraham (13% votes)

The sexiest avatars of John Abraham!

John Abraham has always been considered as sexy and he will remain so forever – there is no two way about it! When it comes to a hot body and its right use on screen, not too many can match up to John Abraham in Bollywood. In fact, John is one of the rare Bollywood actors who is confident about his body and for the same reason he ends up flirting with the camera. Right from the sexy beast act in Jism to the beefcake avatar in Dostana, John ablaze the screen with sheer passion. Whether he is bachelor or married, John is going to be HOT all his life! With 13% votes John is at the 3rd place.

Five things which make John Sexy? Hot-hot body, childlike smile, handsome face, humble conduct and gentle persona!

2)Shahid Kapoor (37% votes)

The sexiest avatars of Shahid Kapoor!

Shahid Kapoor has never faced a dearth of female fan following as he was bestowed with plenty right after his first movie itself (Ishq Vishk). In fact, Shahid admitted that he wonders at times about his ever growing popularity with the female fans. Well, he is very good looking and his soft-spoken/shy personality could be the reason for them to stick to Shahid like bee to honey. He attracts women like a magnet – probably it’s the magic of his effortless, natural charm! With the support of the 37% voters, he is at the 2nd place on the list (he gave very tough competition to the number 1 on the list).

Five things which make Shahid Sexy? Hot six-pack body, sheepish smile, sexy voice, gentle persona and hot dance moves!

1)Salman Khan (45% votes)

The sexiest avatars of Salman Khan!

The hairy Salman in 1989 (that’s when his debut movie Maine Pyaar Kiya got released) was cute, boyish, handsome and charming. After 22 years, he still remains to be a very handsome face in Bollywood – and his boyish charm is still intact. Salman lived his life on his own terms as a bachelor and bohemian lifestyle is quite enviable for every single guy out there – we saw Saif Ali Khan envying Salman on the same on Karan Johar’s show. In simple words, Salman Khan is the eternal bachelor boy of Bollywood! Massive hits or flops, Salman’s appeal with the audience from all walks of life remains unaffected. Since he is not in a mood to settle down anytime soon, we are sure that he has secured this title on HindiFilmNews.com for the next 10 years at least! What say?

Five Things Which Make Salman Sexy? Beefy physique, boyish charm, handsome face, I-don’t-care-a-damn attitude and humor sense!

With that we come to the end of Poll-11 and we’ll be back with poll-12 very soon!