Poll-13: Star Of The Year 2011 #StarOfTheYear


After an intense 15 days long voting session, our readers have voted Shahrukh Khan as the star of the year 2011. Shahrukh Khan has got two hits to his credit in 2011 (Ra. One and Don 2) and that’s the clear indication of the star power of King Khan. He is often referred to as box office king and nobody else can boast of such a consistent box office draw over the years. Don’t know how, Shahrukh always managed to have a huge hit in every few months in all these years and that continues even 20 years of being a super star. Being a self proclaimed entertainer, Shahrukh Khan had revealed in the past that he’s here to entertain people and that he craves for audience attention (that’s unlike many stars who complain about privacy). So, more than anything, it’s the passion which guides him through the glaring arch lights and thorns which comes with the stardom.

Therefore, he was this wide-eyed kid with brimming excitement when he was getting ready for the release of Ra. One earlier last year. He was so confident, excited and passionate about his dream venture that he even forgot to sleep for several days (during all those promotion and post production). Yes, it’s not money or success that drives Shahrukh Khan – it’s all about passion. But then flawed script and uninspired direction failed Shahrukh Khan to some extend when the movie failed to match up to the mammoth expectations riding on it.

More than being disappointed and hurt, Shahrukh Khan was exhausted post that immensely tiring journey. But then Shahrukh Khan is Shakrukh Khan – nobody can even think of keeping him down for even a short period. He resurfaced with even more vigor in his Christmas release Don 2. The movie is busy writing new box office records abroad and SRK is having the last laugh right now!

So yeah, undoubtedly, Shahrukh Khan is the star of the year for being passionate as ever to bring us fine entertainment!

We thank each and every voter who have voted on this poll!